Tuesday, September 15, 2015

live video streaming from your mobile phone- Get More Economic Value

10 Ways to Get More Economic Value from Your Social Media Content

To succeed in this world of overwhelming information density, great content is not enough. Building an audience is not enough. Your work has zero
economic benefit if it isn’t seen and shared. This suggests an entirely new competency focused on understanding who’s sharing your content, where they’re
sharing it and why. In this session, Mark Schaefer (author, The Content Code) reveals ten unique and actionable secrets to add more value to your content
and give it the ignition it needs to thrive in a noisy social world. Click for details

How to Create Periscope and Meerkat Live Mobile Broadcasts

Thinking of live video streaming from your mobile phone? Wondering if Periscope or Meerkat should be part of your marketing mix? In this session, live
streaming pro Brian Fanzo reveals how businesses are using Periscope and Meerkat to connect with their fans and customers. You’ll discover how to best
use these mobile apps to tell better stories and build your community. Click for details

 How to Know if Your Content Marketing is Working

Do you really know what content is working for your business? Do you need to dig deeper into your Google Analytics? In this session, blogger and Google
Analytics expert Christopher Penn (author, Marketing White Belt) will unpack the hidden power of Google Analytics to show exactly what’s working. You’ll
leave with tricks and tips that will impress the most data-hungry leaders in your company and more importantly, you’ll be able to get better results with
your content.Click for d├ętails

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