Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Attending Live Events Of Sociale Media marketing Sommit to Build Your Online Business ,facebook,twitter,pinterest, and more

Social Networking at live events is a good idea . You will also be able to connect with the people who can assist you to grow your online business ,
people who may be your future prospects for the products and services you provide. Even if you are brand new to Sociale Media marketing, attending events
on a regular basis makes sense as part of your marketing strategy.
Summit Daily Events Calendar for October

choose events based Sociale Media marketing. This will be more comfortable, and will also ensure that you actually learn something while you are there
that you'll be able to use immediately to continue building and grow your online business.
There are  plenty of Social Media Summit and conferences to held regularly around the World .
This fully online summit will help you master social media marketing with advanced how-to sessions from the world’s top social media experts.
The event is spread over 4 weeks. If you can’t make a session live, you can watch the recordings,  of each live session.

1.Wednesday, October 7 at 12pm Pacific (3pm Eastern)

.How to Create a Visual Style Guide for Your Social Media Images

How to Create a Visual Style Guide for Your Social Media ImagesAre you intimidated by all the great visuals you see on social media?
Are you wondering where to get started with visual marketing?
In this session, Peg Fitzpatrick (co-author, The Art of Social Media) gives you the tools and know-how to start rocking your own social media images. You’ll discover proven power tips and tools to create a visual style that boosts your social media and brand.

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2.Wednesday, October 7 at 1pm Pacific (4pm Eastern)

How to Visually Promote Your Content to Increase Your Shares and Traffic

How to Visually Promote Your Content to Increase Your Shares and Traffic
Got great content but need more traffic?
Need to improve your social media game with better visuals?
In this session, Rebekah Radice (award-winning writer) reveals how she’s grown her blog traffic and audience with bold and vibrant visuals. You’ll discover how to effectively create graphics that accelerate traffic and enhance social shares.
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3.Wednesday, October 7 at 2pm Pacific (5pm Eastern)

top 10 tools for creating amazing visuals.10 Visual Tools That Create Killer Social Media Images.

Do you need to up your visual marketing game?
 Are you looking for a few good tools that’ll boost your creativity?
In this session, Donna Moritz (founder, Socially Sorted) shares her top 10 tools for creating amazing visuals. You’ll discover how these tools help drive traffic, social shares and real results for your  business.                                                                                                                
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